IT Consulting Services

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IT Consulting Services

We provide IT consulting services to residential, small and medium size businesses in New York City. Our goal is to provide you with technical support and assistance to meet your needs. If you have a problem with your computer, laptop, printer or any other peripheral, we will make sure that we either resolve the issue or recommend a solution for you. We use best practices, common tools and strategies from the industry to engage our clients. Using these methods, allows us to deliver high quality IT consulting services that add value for your organization.

During our meeting, we will listen to your request for IT consulting, and we will evaluate the severity of the issue. After researching the issue, we will present the different options and discuss the outcome with you. If the solution is acceptable to you, we will proceed to resolve the issue. After resolving the issue, we will test the solution and make sure that you are satisfied. Only then, we will consider the issue resolved and closed.

We also apply best practices throughout every step of the process. Our goal is not only resolving the issue, but also managing the process and expectations. If we think that there is a way to avoid the same issue in the future, we will make sure that we educate you and teach you how to become a better user. We deliver IT consulting based on extensive experience with many different technologies. We always recommend and use proven technologies that we have tested extensively in the past. Product quality is an important objective to our organization. We collaborate only with vendors that have reliable products with excellent customer support that have been tested throughout time.

Some Of Our Services


Using Managed Services delivery is an efficient way to stay updated with current technology. Our organization has the responsibility to keep your network updated and using the required tools and technology to keep your network efficient and secure. We monitor your network and endpoints and we take an appropriate action when there is an alert.


With helpdesk support we provide all levels of technical support to your users relating to your company's hardware and software. Our process is to troubleshoot the issue and then educate the user in order to avoid the same error in the future, thus increasing productivity and efficiency. We believe that the best way to decrease errors is with education and training.


Malware technology has been improved in the last few years. Malware attacks now are more damaging and go undetected for longer periods. The only way to protect your network and data is to deploy layers of protection in your environment. By installing ATP technology you can quickly search and prevent any attacks on your infrastructure.

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