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Manhattan Tech Support you can trust.

We provide tech support to residential and to small businesses located in Manhattan. Our goal is to provide you with technical support and assistance to meet your needs. If you have a problem with your computer, laptop, printer or any other peripheral, we will make sure that we either resolve the issue or recommend a solution for you.

We use best practices, common tools and strategies. We will listen to your request for technical support, and we will evaluate the severity of the issue. After researching the issue, we will presented the different options and discuss the outcome with you. If the solution is acceptable to you, we will proceed to resolve the issue. After resolving the issue we will test the solution and make sure that you are satisfied. Only then we will consider the issue resolved and closed.

Nydra Technologies applies best practices throughout every step of the process. We love to use best practices from the industry to engage our clients. Our goal is not only resolving the issue, but also managing the process and expectations. If we think that there is a way to avoid the same issue in the future, we will make sure that we educate you and teach you how to become a better user. All our professionals have extensive experience with many different technologies. We always recommend and use proven technologies that we have tested extensively in the past. We partnered with vendors that have reliable products with excellent customer support. Service delivery is an important objective to our organization.



With your own network set up, we connect the various network capable devices you may have at home.

New Computer Setup

We offer tech support services to set up your new computer.

Virus Protection

We give you advise and help you install a professional anti virus software to protect your computer


There are many different wireless technologies available but only one is right for you. We would like to hear about what you are trying to accomplish and what your needs are and we will propose a solution for you. We will recommend the best business gradeĀ  solution for your budget and we will install one or more wireless access points to cover your work area.




We can help you install and configure your new computer. Installing the computer is half of the task. Configure the computer is equally important. Configure the new computer with the latest security updates, printers, software and peripherals. Finally, migrate your data from the old computer.


Having an anti virus software is to protect your computer is extremely important. We have worked with many vendors in the last years and we know what works today. The best anti virus software three years ago is not the best today. Protect your computer, your data and your identity with the best anti virus solution.


We are proud of our work.

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