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We are information technology consultants, providing a number of technology services. One of the services that we provide is “Simple” New York computer help. If you have any questions or any issues with your computer, including hard drive, memory upgrade or a software installation, we are here to help you. We have helped and assisted a number of single users just like you. When you buy a new printer and you are looking for someone to install it, we can help you. Many times simple tasks like a printer installation can be done remote and we don’t need to visit you onsite.

The key concept is to understand what exactly is that you are trying to accomplish. Once we know where you want to go, we can take you there. With a quick visit to your location we can resolve an issue. If you have any questions, we will answer any questions. If you require training on how to use a new piece of software or hardware we can train you.

While on site we can assess your existing network environment and after discussing your needs we will give you some ideas. Depending on your budget, we will prioritize the tasks and agree on a course. Many times it makes more sense or it is more economical to just replace a failing hardware with a new one. A new hardware always provides more and better features than an older version and always is covered under warranty. In the near feature, if it breaks you can replace it under the warranty.



Installation of internal or external components and any accessories


With your own network set up, we connect the various network capable devices you may have at home


We offer tech support services to set up your new computer

Hardware installation

We can install almost any type of hardware or peripheral on your computer. We will install it, configure it and give you some basic training on how to use it. We will test it to make sure that the newly installed hardware meets your expectations. Hardware installations include printers, memory upgrade, video card upgrade, or any hardware that is connected to your computer.

Networking and wireless

Most of homes are nowadays connected with some type of router or firewall and a wireless access solution. If you have any issues accessing the internet from your computer, we can help you. We can assess the trouble and give you guidance as to what has to be done. It could be a simple solution as calling your Internet Service Provider, rebooting your cable modem or in other cases replace a defective router with a new one. We will ask questions to understand your needs and then we will give you a solution.

New computer setup

If you have just purchased a new computer and you need help to install it, we are here to help you. We will install and configure your new computer, install all required software and make sure that the computer is updated with all the latest updates. If the new computer is running a newer version of the operating system, we will give you a tour to make sure that you master basic skills on how to operate your new computer. Most important we will make sure that you have antivirus software installed before we walk out.

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